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Tangible Interaction

Université Paris-Sud - M2R Interaction - Option 06 (Augmented Reality and Tangible Interaction)

Class Presentations

Jan. 19, 2015 - Session 1 & 2| Introduction | and Touch Interaction |

Feb. 9, 2015 - Session 3| Tangible Interaction | and Ubiquitous Computing? |


00-Touch coding.pdf

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Papers Presentations

During the exam session (Mar. 2, 2015) students will present a research paper (5-7min + 5min questions). Think of the motivation for the work, major contributions and how they were achieved/proven, and your own critique.

Nicolas AudebertImaginary interfaces: spatial interaction with empty hands and without visual feedback
Maxence BobinTangile Bits : Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms
Rémi CambuzatinFORM: Dynamic Physical Affordances and Constraintsthrough Shape and Object Actuation
Bruno FruchardFocalSpace: multimodal activity tracking, synthetic blur and adaptive presentation for video conferencing
Kamilia Hadj-MoussaA Mixed Reality System with Visual and Tangible Interaction Capability : Application to Evaluating Automobile Interior Design
Subhi Issa???
Cédric MarteauTouchTools: leveraging familiarity and skill with physical tools to augment touch interaction
Léo PerezAugmented Surfaces: A Spatially Continuous Work Space for Hybrid Computing Environments
Danilo Jun ShibataPeripheral vision annotation: noninterference information presentation method for mobile augmented reality
Alvi SyahrinaThermal Touch: Thermography-Enabled Everywhere Touch Interfaces for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
Seren Thompson???
Rafael MoralesAn Interaction Model for Grasp-Aware Tangibles on Interactive Surfaces
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