Measuring End-to-end Latency using an Optical Mouse

Géry Casiez1, Stéphane Conversy2, Matthieu Falce3, Stéphane Huot3 and Nicolas Roussel3
1Université de Lille, 2Université de Toulouse - ENAC and 3Inria Lille
This page provides additional material to our UIST 2015 paper (PDF).

Our method consists in positioning an unmodified optical mouse on the screen while displaying and translating a particular texture to fake mouse displacements resulting in controlled mouse events. The method works with most optical mice and allows accurate and real time latency measures up to 5 times per second.


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Casiez, G., Conversy, S., Falce, M., Huot, S. and Roussel, N. (2015). Looking through the Eye of the Mouse: A Simple Method for Measuring End-to-end Latency using an Optical Mouse. Proceedings of UIST'15, the 28th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. ACM Press, 629-636.


The texture used to fake mouse displacements.

Texture used to fake mouse displacements

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On-line interactive demo

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